Constructive Solutions for your
company's cashflow

Construction Teams’ Two Biggest Problems?
Getting PAID and Finding TIME

We can help with both.

Make preliens and waivers a quick task rather than a dreaded chore.

Go beyond the spreadsheet with collaboration, tracking, document creation, and more using a single best-in-class application.

Keep your team and your trade partners all on the same page.

Simplify the hundreds of interactions on preliens, waivers, mechanic's liens, and bond claims on every project.

Streamline the waiver collection process

Tools to rapidly collaborate with vendors to secure signed waivers, with dashboard visibility in to who, what, when, and how much.
"This is an amazing product for all in the construction industry! So easy to use and their support is incredible!" - Maureen J, Controller

In construction, the payment process can be time-consuming and costly

  • 4 out of 5 construction companies report spending significant time seeking payments from customers.
  • GCs can spend nearly 4 full weeks and hundreds of interactions on preliens, waivers, mechanic's liens, and bond claims on every project.
  • Specialty Contractors can spend more than a full workday (9+ hours) on preliens and waivers on every project.
  • Construction has one of the longest payment cycles across all sectors

Prelien Pro was built FOR prelien professionals BY prelien professionals to help save time, reduce friction, and keep pay app cycles as simple as possible.


Minimize Late Payments with Prelien Pro’s Collaborative Workspace


General Contractors Can Utilize
A Fully Embedded Process with Trades


Reduce Costly Errors that Waste Time


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Dive deeper with articles and reviews written by experts on today's most important construction payment topics.

For Construction NTO/Lien Services
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We know out-of-the-box solutions that fit our highly specialized field are limited and after a decade working and building SaaS cloud applications in this space we're ready to partner with you to give your clients and research team the modern tools to get the job done.

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"In all seriousness what you've built is going to to bury your competition. There really is no product like it in its elegance and UI/UX."- Nate T, Construction Software Specialist